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Deadly Captain of the First Order. Chromium survivor. Emerge into the world of Captain Phasma and reveal her most guarded secrets.
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Mal. Hunter. Witch, forest spirit and a wild creature. Night enchantress and pagan soul. Loves slavic mythology and literature. Woods are her sacred place.
In the news ! 16 Jan 2022 by Mal

Finn: Let’s go, chrome dome!

Phasma: *headbutts him with her helmet, sending him on the ground* Merits of being one, FN-2187.

In the news ! 08 Jan 2022 by Mal

Phasma: *calm collected voice* I am going to shoot down everyone who mentions this small incident.

Hux: You mean being kicked in the head, almost dying in the trash compactor, facing a deadly inhabitants of some awful planet, falling off the platform to flames, being blew out into space… small indeed!

Phasma: I ask for permission to shoot you down, General.

In the news ! 08 Jan 2022 by Mal

Welcome to the Star Wars fansite dedicated to the most overlooked and underrated character of the whole saga – Captain Phasma.

My brain wanted to give her a space in the net. So here she is – sometimes funny, sometimes scary – the Chromium Captain!

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